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Clear Braces

Clear Braces St Albans

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way since it was first introduced. Over the years, there have been improvements in different orthodontic treatment types. From traditional metal braces, we have seen the birth of other types of orthodontic treatment such as clear braces, invisible braces and removable aligners. Finding the right one for your treatment might seem like a challenge, but with the help of our Dentist St. Alban, you can be guided towards making the right choice.

Clear braces: What are they?

Clear braces are part of the different types of orthodontic treatment. Clear braces are just like traditional metal braces, the only difference being the colour. Clear braces are similar to conventional metal braces but with a clear bracket instead of a metal one. They work the same way; however, one is more discreet than the other.

Clear braces versus invisible braces

Some people seem to confuse clear braces with invisible braces and vice versa. However, both are very different. Although they are both made of clear material, are very efficient in straightening teeth, and are discreet in their treatment, they are not so similar.

Firstly, clear braces have brackets and wires, much like traditional metal braces. The only difference is that the brackets are made of clear material and not plastic. On the other hand, invisible braces are aligners that are made of clear, plastic material and not wires and brackets. Secondly, clear braces are most often fixed braces, whereas invisible braces are mostly removable aligners.

Other areas that showcase their differences include cost, how they work, comfort levels when worn etc.

Who can wear these braces?

Orthodontic treatment is mostly recommended during childhood and teenage years because the jaws and bones are still in development at this stage. However, this does not mean that adults cannot get their teeth straightened in their adult years. This means that anyone is suitable for orthodontic treatment with braces.

To be sure of your suitability, you would have to undergo tests and evaluations by your dentist or by an orthodontist. If you are eligible after the test, you can begin treatment whenever you are ready.


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How do clear fixed braces work?

Clear fixed braces work just like traditional metal braces. Here clear brackets are attached to each tooth and then connected with a wire. Your teeth can be manipulated in all directions with the careful placement of the brackets by the orthodontist. The wires have to be adjusted and tightened regularly for treatment to be completed. With this type of braces, treatment can be completed in 18 – 24 months.

The clear braces are made of clear ceramic material or plastic polycarbonate for the brackets and metal or white archwire for the wire.

How do clear aligners work?

Although clear plastic aligners are different from fixed braces, they are still very effective in straightening teeth. They consist of a series of clear plastic aligners or trays customised to fit snugly over the teeth. The patient switches to a new tray every two weeks until the teeth have been shifted to their desired positions. With this type of aligners, treatment is expected to last 9 – 18 months. The major benefit of this type of orthodontic treatment is that they are removable and completely invisible.

Types of clear braces and aligners

Damon Clear

This type of clear fixed brace is self-ligating. This type of brace tightens itself, and as such, few dental visits are required. They are more comfortable because the adjustment process happens continuously over time, and finally, they are much easier to clean.

Invisalign braces

This is the most popular invisible aligner. Invisalign is of different types, and they include Invisalign lite, Invisalign teen. They are a series of clear plastic aligners that work by gently shifting misaligned teeth to their desired positions.

Clearsmile brace

This is a type of fixed brace and an aligner system for teeth straightening. It is similar to the Damon braces; however, they use an archwire coated white by default. This treatment focuses on the 10 front teeth only and takes about 4 – 12 months to complete.


This is a type of clear aligner that offer orthodontic treatment. The company responsible for the production of this aligner also provides pre-aligners that fit your teeth in their current position to give the patient a feel of the real aligner.

Cost of clear braces

The average cost of treatment with clear braces is around £2,500 - £3,000. However, some people can get clear braces at a cost ranging from £1,500 - £5,500. The cost of clear braces is dependent on a couple of factors like the type of braces you choose, the duration of treatment and the dentist you chose to visit.

Taking care of clear braces

When you are wearing clear braces, there are special precautions you should take. There are certain things to take into account, just as there are certain foods to avoid.

To begin with, cleaning them can be hard. Your orthodontist will have to show you how to clean them to get rid of particles and sediments properly. Flossing is another issue that should not be taken lightly. Additionally, certain foods like nuts, candy and coloured drinks should be avoided because they can get lodged into the brackets or wires or stain the brackets.

As with any tooth straightening treatment, retainers usually follows afterwards. When treatment is completed, you can go back to feeling confident about your smile. Contact our Dentist St Albans for more information and enquiries.