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Dental Denture in St Albans

We offer Cost effective Dental Dentures in St Albans. Prosthetic Dentures are dental devices worn to replace missing or lost teeth. They help restore the aesthetics of the smile to improve confidence and restore the teeth’s function. Dentures are either metal or acrylic (plastic), and you have the option of getting a complete denture or a partial one, depending on your dental need.

A complete or full denture replaces all the missing teeth on the lower or upper jaw, while a partial denture replaces two or more missing teeth. You can attach a denture to your teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments.

Why do I need dentures in St. Albans?

A full denture can replace all your natural teeth on your lower or upper fit. It fits snugly on the gum to aid speaking and eating, which improves self-confidence and self-esteem.

A partial denture can replace your missing teeth and support the remaining teeth. The denture prevents your natural teeth from moving to fill the space left by your missing teeth, which may cause your remaining teeth to become crooked. Having missing teeth can damage your other teeth and affect your bite.

How soon can I get a denture after I lose or take out my teeth?

You can fit a denture immediately after you remove your natural teeth. This type of denture is an immediate denture. However, you need to visit your dentist before the teeth removal to take your teeth impressions and mouth measurements if you need a denture immediately after your teeth removal.

An immediate denture allows you to replace your missing teeth while your gums heal. However, your gums and bone can shrink over time, usually within the first six months after removing your teeth.

You will need to reline , adjust or replace your immediate denture if your gums shrink. Your dentist will advise you on the most suitable option to make your denture fit perfectly.

Some dentists advise their patients to wait for their gums to heal before getting a denture to ensure they have a better fit. The healing may take a couple of months.

Who makes and fits dentures?

Your dentist will take your mouth impressions and measurements and then send them to the dental technician to make your denture.


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Will wearing a denture affect my look?

Replacing your lost or missing teeth preserves your dental health and appearance. With a full denture, you will have support for your lips and cheek while replacing your natural teeth. If nothing supports your lips and cheeks, your facial muscles will sag, making you look older. This also makes speaking and eating difficult.

You can make your denture to match your natural teeth colour, so your appearance doesn’t change. With modern dentures, you can fill out your facial appearance and have a better smile.

Can I eat with dentures?

Eating with your dentures will need a little practice over a while. You can eat soft foods and chew the food slowly with both sides of your mouth to prevent the denture from shifting. As you get used to the denture over time, you can eat other types of food.

Will a denture alter my speech?

You may need a little practice to pronounce some words properly. Try repeating difficult words and reading out loud to make pronunciations better. If your denture slips out sometimes while you eat, speak or laugh, reposition it by biting down gently and swallowing. If the denture keeps coming off, visit your dentist.

How long do I need to wear my denture?

During the first couple of days after fitting the denture, you need to wear it for most of the day, even while sleeping. As your mouth adjusts to the denture, you can take it out before sleeping to allow your gums to rest and ensure your mouth remain healthy. To prevent your denture from warping, store it in a small amount of water.

Why does my lower denture not fit properly, but the upper one fits?

The upper denture has more suction to keep it in place, but the lower denture has less support, so it may feel unstable since it balances between your tongue and cheeks. After a while, you will learn to manage your denture to keep them in place even when you open your mouth.

Should I use a denture fixative?

still use a fixative when the denture becomes loose and to give themselves extra confidence.

If your denture doesn’t fit properly, it will cause sores and irritation. This usually occurs with wearing immediate dentures for a while.

Does my mouth need special care while wearing a denture?

While wearing dentures, you need to take proper care of your mouth. Ensure you brush your tongue, the roof of your mouth and your gums using a soft toothbrush. Brushing helps to remove plaques and help blood circulate in your mouth.

Your mouth requires extra care. You have to brush your teeth properly to prevent gum disease and tooth decay that may cause you to lose other teeth. You also need to visit a hygienist regularly to clean your teeth.


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54 The Quadrant, St Albans, AL4 9RD

How do I care for my denture?

Your dentures can get broken if you drop them, so you should handle the dentures carefully. Always wrap the denture in a towel or place it in a bowl of water to avoid dropping it.

The general rule for cleaning a denture is to brush and soak it daily. When you take out your denture, brush it to remove food particles with a non-abrasive denture cleaner. Do not use toothpaste to clean your denture and scrub it gently to avoid damaging the denture.

Ensure you brush all surfaces of your denture, including the side that fits against your gums, especially if you use a fixative, and soak your denture every day in a denture cleaning solution to remove stains and plaques. The denture cleaning solution will also help disinfect your denture, making it fresher. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instruction for use and do not soak the denture overnight, except you have a specific reason. You can also visit your dental hygienist to remove accumulated stains on your denture.

How long can a denture last?

A denture can last you a couple of years if you take proper care of it, but you need to replace or realign the denture due to normal wear or when your mouth changes shape. Your gum ridges and bones can shrink over time, causing your bite to change. The changes can make your denture loose, leading to discomfort, infections, sores and other health issues.

A loose denture makes eating difficult, so you need to replace your denture when it begins to feel loose.

How often do I need to visit my dentist?

Visiting your dental team regularly for check-ups and cleaning is important for good oral health. During your check-up, the dentist can check your teeth, gums and soft parts of your mouth like your cheeks and tongue.

Is Invisalign offered in public health service?

Your dentist can also diagnose infections and other mouth conditions like oral cancer at an early stage. Ask your dentist how often you need to visit the clinic for a dental check-up if you have full dentures

Are dentures the only teeth replacement option?

No, they are not. Dental implants and bridges are also teeth replacement options you can consider. Your dentist will give you more information about these options and help you choose a suitable one.

If you’ve decided to replace your teeth with dentures or need more information about other teeth replacement options, consult dentist St Albans today at St Albans Dental Care.