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Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dental St Albans

There are many instances when a person may need emergency dental treatment. For example, there may be an excruciating toothache, decayed or inflamed gums, broken, chipped, cracked, or missing teeth. Instead of tolerating the pain, it is best to visit an emergency dentist and get an immediate emergency dental appointment for treatment from an expert and experienced dentist at St Albans Dental Clinic. Our dentists are available weekdays, 8:30 am – 5 pm, and diagnose the problem immediately to provide treatment that helps handle the pain and discomfort experienced by the patient. You can also book an online appointment 24/7 by clicking on this link. Ease of access to dental services at St Albans Dental Clinic helps patients get quick dental treatment from the dentist and quick pain relief. Once the treatment begins, the patient is at ease and can look forward to a quick recovery. St Albans Dental is a reputed dental service provider offering extensive dental services. Visit us or call us any time to enquire about your treatment. You do not have to suffer,visit us to put your worries and pain to rest.

N/a – We Do not operate outside the 8:30-5 Mon-Fri at the moment.

Do you need a emergency dental treatment for all dental diseases? St Albans Dental Clinic is the clinic for you. We are an award-winning emergency dental clinic in St Albans with strategic offices around your neighbourhood to make it easier for you to locate us for quicker treatment.

Dental problems do not only happen during working hours; we know that, so we provide same-day, affordable 24-hour emergency dental care with our highly-esteem clients.

You can contact us in case of an emergency, and you will be given a day to walk into our clinic for a life-long solution.

Emergency dental treatment in St Albans

Our dental team comprises very experienced and highly qualified dentists who will offer you urgent dental care on a wide range of treatment in a highly professional and timely way.

We will handle all your emergency dental cases immediately with our same day treatment. Also, all our patients have a broad and comfortable treatment plan, payment methods, and quotation.

Just call us in case of sudden dental pain or to find relief for problems with the wisdom tooth and we will respond quickly and give you an immediate and affordable dental treatment.

Contact us today for the following emergency dental care treatments:

  • Dental bridges
  • Dental crowns
  • Jaw problems
  • Oral surgery and extraction
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Same-day implants
  • Teeth whitening
  • White fillings

Do not let anything prevent you from calling us if you are suffering from any of the above problems. You can also contact us if your condition is not listed and you are not really sure of what to do.


You will find us at:

54 The Quadrant, St Albans, AL4 9RD

What should I expect when calling your emergency dentist number?

When you call our emergency dental st albans, you will gain access to our multilingual customer service. Here, we will ask you to provide your basic details like your name, phone number, etc.; you will also be asked to tell us the current dental problem you are having.

After that, we will fix you up for any of the earliest free slots we have available. However, this will be based on your convenience. You will also be given some directional and parking information on how to reach our clinic.

On that day, we will set up top-notch emergency dental care for you and help you solve the problems as soon as possible. We will also provide you with detailed information on how to manage the situation between the time of the call to the day you will come for your appointment.

Our dentists are always on standby and ready to solve your dental challenges at any time of the day. Contact us now for our 24 hours emergency dental care, and you will not be disappointed.

The culture of our emergency dentist in St Albans

We understand that dental emergencies do not take a day off, so why should we? We have to serve you and help you resolve dental emergencies as soon as they come.

Our highly experienced dentist is always attending to patient’s emergency, whether in or out of hours, in our dental facility daily.

If your tooth is broken or chipped, gum infection or wisdom tooth won’t let you be, call us immediately for urgent help.

We do not mind the case; our emergency dentist in st albans will start by diagnosing the problems, and after that, give you the soonest appointment available for appropriate treatment.

Communicate easily with our multilingual expert for dental emergency in St Albans

Language is not a barrier in our clinic as our dental experts possess more than sound professional medical skills. They have all it takes to provide adequate multilingual supports to patients that have not been in Albans for long. So patients that speak German, French, Hindi, Spanish, etc., can have their needs met in our clinic.

How St Albans Dental Clinic can help you resolve your emergency dental problem

Having a gum infection, cracked or broken tooth or even wisdom tooth trying to come out can be terribly painful. Hence, you need to seek the best emergency dental care from us immediately. We respond promptly and offer the most convenient appointments.

Do not hesitate to call or contact us through email to book an emergency dentist appointment.


You will find us at:

54 The Quadrant, St Albans, AL4 9RD

What is an emergency dentist?

An Emergency Dentist is a practice that provides a solution for the sudden onset of dental emergencies. This includes swelling gums, throbbing and uncontrollable pain that deprives you of peace and rest. You can trust St Albans Dental Clinic for a short-notice appointment for any dental emergency.

How will I get an emergency dentist appointment in your clinic?

You can quickly get a dental appointment with St Albans Dental Care through email, phone call, or by filling out a form provided on our website. Our expert dentist will check your symptoms and, in turn, tell you when to go to A&E or visit our clinic for your treatment.

What is the cost of an emergency dentist?

If you are a non-registered patient, benefiting from our emergency dentist will cost you £89. But as a registered patient, it can be as low as £20 to £40. The precise cost will depend on the severity of the case and the after-hour notice.

What should I do if I need an emergency dentist?

The first thing to do when you need an emergency dentist is to be calm and evaluate the severity of the case. If you had a recent injury, visit A&E for an immediate assessment. But if the problem is an unseen pain and you cannot figure out precisely what it is, reach out to our emergency dentist and book an appointment.