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Same Day Implants

Speedy dental implants – in just one day!

For those people unfortunate enough to be missing a tooth or teeth, smiling, speaking and talking confidently in public can be almost impossible. They typically feel self-conscious and cannot smile with confidence. The advent of dental implants crowns and bridges has been a God send for this type of patient and with all the alternatives available, implants offer a solution that can be accomplished in just one day. Contact your dentist in Saint Albans now to ask about this type of restorative dental treatment.

Imagine that you could have implants that were placed in your mouth and became fully functional just like normal teeth within one day. It’s the answer to a lot of peoples dreams and can also be secure and anchor dentures!

The traditional dental implant

  • Traditional dental implants are fixed under the gums and are an artificial root onto which an artificial tooth can be placed.
  • The implants that are fixed to your teeth will match the remainder of your teeth and will restore your smile and also your bite if that is required.
  • Dental implants can be used for replacement of a missing tooth or for several teeth and will look and feel like your natural teeth.
  • The procedure may be a little uncomfortable but a local anaesthetic can be given to overcome any discomfort that there might be.
  • Following the treatment the new dental implants will fuse with the jawbone in a period of about three to six months.
  • Once the fusing to the bone has taken place then it will be time to attach the new crown or the new tooth, to the implant

The process of osseointegration

The term osseointegration describes the period of time during which an implant fuses into the jawbone giving a much better chance of success for the implant, once the new permanent tooth or teeth are added. Sufficient time needs to be given for this. Before the permanent tooth is added a temporary crown will be fitted while this healing takes place.

Dental implants - done fast!

The good news is that it is possible to have your dental implants fitted in just a day. This means not having to wait around for months or more for the whole process to be accomplished. This all on four procedure is both fast and affordable.


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Features of all-on-4 dental implants

  • Improving smile, speech, and bite
  • Contentment with appearance
  • Number of dental appointments is reduced
  • Oral health is enhanced
  • Confidence is restored

The procedure

First you will have an x-ray of your teeth and then an impression will be taken of your teeth. From this, a customised implant can be made. Sometimes a CT scan will be utilised so that a 3D image of the teeth can be made and to assess bone density in the jaw.

Once preparation is complete the prosthesis, that has been custom made, will be attached on the same day.

Can everyone have this treatment?

  • • When the dentist is assessing suitability for this kind of treatment, he or she will be looking at the stability of the implant in the longer term. For the treatment to be successful, bone density needs to be sufficient. Because of this, those with inadequate bone density might require a bone graft before treatment.
  • • Pre implant treatments can also restrict eligibility. A type of implant is still possible, but a restoration and prosthesis will not, in this case, be advised. To work, sufficient bone density needs to be present for support so that the biting force can be tolerated and likewise the biting force is what will stimulate the growth of bone tissue.

Same day implants – the advantages

  1. No requirement for dentures
  2. Affordable
  3. No need or ability to remove the teeth
  4. No effect on speech
  5. Having the teeth manufactured when the implant is placed allows the dentist to profile the gum more actually than would be possible with a more traditional protocol.
  6. The effect on confidence and the ability to smile are increased immediately

For your own journey towards a brighter more confident smile and to say goodbye to the embarrassment you have felt, call Dentist St. Albans to get help and more details of how you can have your natural smile restored.