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Teeth Contouring

Teeth Contouring St Albans

Having straight and white teeth are essential for achieving the Hollywood smile. Most times, they are the first factors that people consider when judging a smile.

However, some other factors can make a smile look less than perfect, and they include broken or cracked teeth, pointiness, uneven wear, a slight overlap, or a difference in the sizes or shape of teeth.

Though these things can negatively affect the quality of your smile, there is good news; they can all be fixed with tooth contouring.

Here at St Albans Dental Care, you can get a wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatment from our team of well-qualified dentists with years of experience in tooth contouring. We aim to make your smile better, not minding whether the work only needs to be done on one tooth, or there are quite a number of your precious whites that needs unique attraction. Our target is to give you the smile of your dreams.

Does my tooth need to be contoured?

Tooth contouring is mainly carried out to reshape the teeth. It is usually done on a tooth that may have been damaged. It is also done on a tooth that is different from your other teeth (either because of growth) or the ideal shape of teeth.

Dental contouring is a part of cosmetic dentistry that is mostly used on the upper teeth (the central, lateral and canine teeth), which are most visible when you smile.

More than just improving your aesthetics, tooth contouring can also help you get better oral health by making it easier for you to clean your mouth. For instance, if tooth countering was used to treat an overlap, you can easily clean the overlapping tooth after the treatment is over than you did before.

However, there are cases where dental contouring is not the best choice. This can be due to an untreated dental problem that must be addressed, like misalignment or tooth decay. Here, your dentist will tell you what these issues are and help you decide the most suitable treatment.

What does tooth contouring entail?

Have a tooth contouring treatment entails visiting your dentist two or three times before the treatment can be completed.

In the initial appointment, your dentist will tell you the available options of treatment. After that, he/she will examine your teeth to be sure that tooth contouring is right for you. For this, you may need to get your teeth x-rayed.

The central part of the work will be carried out during the second visit. Your dentist will use different tools like a drill and polishing equipment to carefully remove a tiny portion of your tooth and carve it into the desired shape. Some patients usually go through this procedure without an anaesthetic because only a tiny part of the teeth will be removed, and there will be no pain.

This tooth reshaping process usually takes between thirty minutes and an hour, but the exact duration depends on how much work is done.

Your doctor may ask you to revisit the clinic for the third appointment for follow-up. At this time, he/she will examine your teeth and do any minor touch-ups that may be needed. You will also use this chance to ask your dentist questions about your new smile.


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What is the cost of teeth contouring in St Albans?

Cosmetic dental contouring in St Albans costs between £150 and £300 for each tooth. You may pay lesser if you will be contouring more than one tooth at once. Reshaping the tooth is an affordable cosmetic treatment that can dramatically change the appearance of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry from St Albans Dental Clinic

Are you wondering if tooth contouring can help you achieve that dream smile, or do you have other questions relating to dental hygiene and oral health? Contact our dentist St Albans. If you have a big day coming, now is the right time to prepare your teeth for a mega smile.

We are located at 54 The Quadrant, St Albans, AL4 9RD, and our environment is very serene and relaxing to put you at ease. We offer a wide range of cosmetic dental services and will be delighted to give you a smile that boosts your self-image.