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Vivera Retainers

Vivera Retainers St Albans

If you have or are using Invisalign, it means you can relate to the convenience associated with Vivera retainers. Vivera retainers help newly straightened teeth maintain their position. This clear and comfortable treatment is suitable for post Invisalign treatment or any other orthodontic work.

There are so many retainer types on the market that have been in use by dentists and orthodontists, but what makes the Vivera retainer unique and how effective are they?

In this article, you will get to know a lot about the Vivera retainers so that your decision to use a retainer in future can be better informed.

Why should I wear retainers?

Put simply, you need retainers to avoid a relapse. Following orthodontic treatment, it is possible that your teeth may move back to their misaligned state. You will not want this, which is why a retainer is recommended so that the new position of the teeth is maintained.

A relapse may not happen immediately; it takes time, and the reversal is not usually complete. However, since the teeth are partially moving always, this shift may worsen with time. Besides, any amount of relapse is sufficient to disrupt a once perfectly aligned teeth.

This is where the Vivera retainers come in. Not only are they a great anti-relapse treatment delivering solid retention, this dental appliance shares the near invisibility of Invisalign. They are designed using the same materials from which Invisalign is made. This implies that no one will notice you wearing them.

When should retainers be worn?

People who may have completed an orthodontic treatment may need to use retainers but may not know how best to do so. Wearing time differs. Besides, it is important to consider how complex your initial orthodontic treatment was and how old you are.

That said, our custom wearing plan for retainers might take this format:

  • Between 12 to 22 hours every day during the initial 3 to 6 months post-treatment
  • Only at night for the next 6 to 12 months
  • 3 to 5 times each week after one year

Does this look like so much wearing? Well, don't forget that the essence of retainers is to sustain the positive change that has happened to your smile. Orthodontic work is an investment worth Vivera retainers.


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What are the perks of Vivera retainers?

This smooth retainer brand comes with quite the benefit you will be proud of. Check out some benefits of using Vivera:

  • They have a 30% extra strength compared to other clear retainer types. Vivera is very strong. Your teeth will be held in their new alignment and not moved.
  • Unlike certain retainers that get deformed after several months, the Vivera brand offers durability.
  • To cater to your retainer-wearing schedule that may vary, there are 4 different types of Vivera retainers that can fit into full-time wearing, few nights wearing, or exclusive night time wearing. You are completely covered.
  • Aside from being comfortable to wear, Vivera retainers don't protrude from the mouth. You will be confident wearing them.

What makes Vivera retainers uniquely different?

Manufactured from a medical-grade plastic that will not deform early, this retainer ensures longevity, plus it looks good on the wearer. Vivera retainers are reported to offer increased comfort during use in comparison to fixed retainers.

Following their easy-to-remove feature, these retainers encourage hygienic practices as wearers can remove them to eat. Again, they need to be in the mouth for about 20 or more hours per day.

Patients may be required to wear vivera retainers while sleeping at night only. Sometimes, they may be asked to use the retainers for life. This shouldn't be a cause for concern as vivera is simply perfect for any length of time you are to wear them. Comfort, convenience, near invisibility, and high functionality are packed into this retainer system to provide the best relief for users.

The fact that Vivera retainers come from the same place as Invisalign puts them in a class of their own. Most importantly, patients keep on receiving new sets of retainers for the initial price, which is why you don't have to be worried should they get missing.

It does not matter if you have or haven't used an orthodontic treatment like Invisalign previously, find out from your orthodontist if Vivera retainers are suitable for your teeth.

At St Albans Dental Care, the Vivera retainer brand is greatly recommended because of its high efficacy and minimal pain. Again, patients do not need to be so indulged as new sets of these retainers will be provided. This is what makes Vivera retainers the best available brand on the market currently.


You will find us at:

54 The Quadrant, St Albans, AL4 9RD

Final words

Orthodontic treatment changed a great deal when Invisalign came on board. The possibility of having a dental appliance that works very well undetected was a game-changer for patients needing orthodontic correction for misaligned teeth.

It is this same effect the Vivera retainers brings to the table since they are manufactured by the makers of Invisalign. You can now wear your retainers and not get noticed by people around. In addition, Vivera retainers are compatible with every kind of orthodontic work.

Care should be taken when handling Vivera retainers. In the same way, you will take care of the regular aligners, do the same for these retainers. It promotes their longevity. If you are interested in getting post braces retainers for recently aligned teeth, you may go for Vivera retainers. Consult our dentist St Albans to know if you can get this treatment.

Do not hesitate to give us a call at St Albans Dental Care to book an appointment anytime you can.