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White filling

White Filling St Albans

White Fillings can restore a decayed tooth in St Albans, but instead of getting the metal filling containing mercury, you can opt for the white filling, which gives a more natural look. White filling is a better alternative to metal filing for different reasons, asides from the aesthetic benefits.

White fillings are mercury-free, durable and look like natural teeth. Getting white fillings takes only a short while, usually 30 minutes to an hour.

Why do I need white fillings?

If you have a decayed tooth, the dentist might suggest fillings to restore the decayed tooth. You can ask your dentist for a white filling instead of the metallic amalgam filling, especially if the tooth is visible when you talk or smile. The white filling will match your existing tooth shade, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your teeth.

How do white fillings work?

White fillings are made with composite resin material, and those available now are more advanced than the composite resin materials available in the past. This makes white filing a more durable and viable option than metal fillings.

How long does it take to fit white fillings?

It usually takes about 30 minutes to one hour to get a white filling. This time also covers your examination and the time required for the local anaesthetic to take effect. The dentist often identifies tooth decay during a routine dental check-up and may decide to place the white filling during the examination appointment.

However, you may have to reschedule an appointment to get a white filling if your examination appointment is short.


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How do I prevent getting fillings in the future?

You can avoid getting fillings in the future by taking proper care of your teeth to prevent tooth decay. Your dental hygiene routine should involve brushing your teeth and flossing every day, and visiting your dental professional for cleanings and check-ups.

If you are concerned about your dental health or think you have a decayed tooth, you can visit our dentist St Albans for a dental examination and to get white fillings if necessary.

Our dentists at St Albans Dental Care will also advise you on preventing further decay that may need you to get another filling.