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6 month smiles

6 Month Smiles St Albans

The six month smiles braces system is quite popular as an orthodontic treatment that fixes dental flaws in six months, hence the name. Over time, we have seen several patients get confused about the six-month smiles' benefits and vices. For this reason, with the help of our dentist St Albans, we have come up with this review of the 6-month smile system.

What are 6 months smiles?

6 months smiles are a series of clear brackets or braces used to align only the front six teeth. They are administered by dentists and not by orthodontists as most braces are. Note that the term' 6 Month smiles' does not just come from the fact that treatment is completed in six months. Instead, the dentist only uses these braces in cases that can be completed in 6 months or less. This generally means that they are only suitable for mild cases.

Short term orthodontics

Short term orthodontics is a term that describes a treatment carried out by a general dentist and not an orthodontist. This system was designed so that non-specialist dentists can use it to correct simple and minor dental cases. An example of this system of treatment is the use of 6-month smiles.

Summarily, this means that with the short term orthodontics treatment, the expertise of an orthodontist is not needed. This is because an orthodontist would have no reason to use a 6-month smile because they can literally put together the same treatment plan or package using their skills and experience.


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Benefits of the 6 month smiles

Short term treatment time

The average treatment time for the 6 month smiles is six months. This does not mean that it is the maximum treatment time, however, as there are cases that can be treated and resolved in as little as 2 months, while others can take up to 10 months. Six months was given as the average treatment time because all records have been taken into account, and six months was seen as the average. This is not because the braces are so fast that they complete treatment on time; it is because the cases are simple and not complex.

Their tooth-coloured wires and brackets are barely visible

The bottom line is that 6 months smiles are less visible than fixed or traditional braces. They may not be completely invisible; however, they are of different types, and each operates at a different level of discretion. For example, the lingual braces are designed to fit at the back of the teeth inside the mouth. There is also the tooth coloured bracket that blends pretty well with your teeth because of its colour. Whichever one is chosen, know that they are not as visible as traditional metal braces.

They are less expensive than traditional braces, aligner therapy and veneers

When it comes to price, the 6 month smiles are really worth looking into. Although there are several types of this treatment, they are cheaper than most orthodontic treatments. Generally, you can expect to pay £2,150 to £3, 250 for treatment with 6 month smiles.

Treatment with 6 month smiles increases comfort, safety and hygiene

Usually, the shorter the case, the fewer chances for complications. The 6 month smiles work only on straightforward cases. This means that you are likely to have your treatment completed in 6 – 9 months.

When it comes to safety in orthodontic treatment, there is something worth mentioning: root resorption. This is a situation whereby too much pressure or force is placed on the teeth, and has been proven to be potentially bad for teeth. This is one of the risks associated with other orthodontic treatment besides 6 month smiles. Finally, it can be misleading to assume that a particular treatment type is safer than the rest because of its treatment time.

No need for the expertise of an orthodontist

As earlier mentioned, 6 month smiles do not require the expertise of an orthodontist. It can be handled efficiently by a general dentist.


You will find us at:

54 The Quadrant, St Albans, AL4 9RD

Cons of six month smiles

  • It is not quicker than any other orthodontic treatment, as 6 months is the average treatment
  • It is only for simple cases
  • It is not suitable for everyone
  • The wires can discolour on brushing
  • It can exceed longer than a patient's expectations and last longer than six months

6 months smiles is a good system for the treatment of minor dental cases. While it has an average treatment time of six months, it is not so different from other orthodontic treatment types. Find out more about 6-month smiles when you contact us at St Albans Dental Care.