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Lingual Braces

Incognito Lingual Braces in St albans

Most people have naturally misaligned and crooked teeth but want to straighten them with an effective treatment option like braces. However, the look of traditional metal braces prevents some persons from getting braces, especially those who feel conscious about their appearance.

Professionals, teenagers, and other people who do not want their look affected during an orthodontic treatment have different alternatives besides traditional metal braces.

Amongst the available orthodontic treatments that are less obvious, lingual braces are quite popular. Lingual braces work like traditional metal braces and have the same components, but the dentist will fix it at the back of the teeth, close to the tongue, making them less visible.

Who can get lingual braces in St Albans?

Your orthodontist needs to examine your teeth and overall dental health to determine whether you can get lingual braces or not. Generally, lingual braces correct the same misalignments and malocclusions as traditional braces.

However, not everyone is suitable for treatment with lingual braces. Patients with deep overbites may have the lingual braces pop off more often.

If you need lingual braces, you will schedule an appointment with your orthodontist to examine your teeth and discuss suitable treatment options. If you decide to use lingual braces, ensure you inform your orthodontist because only a few orthodontists have received training to offer lingual braces.

Cost of lingual braces in St Albans

Lingual braces cost varies depending on the following factors.

  • Your location
  • The length of treatment
  • Your insurance coverage
  • The brand used

Generally, lingual braces cost more than other braces because the fitting process takes more time and are more delicate than traditional metal braces. Lingual braces are also custom-made. Although this features may shorten treatment times, it considerably impacts the cost of treatment.

On average lingual braces in the UK cost from £2000 - £10000.


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54 The Quadrant, St Albans, AL4 9RD

Do lingual braces cause lisping?

Yes, they do. You make certain sounds while speaking when your tongue touches the back of your teeth. With lingual braces fitted at the back of your teeth, you may have difficulty making some sounds.

Although all braces may cause a temporary change in speech pattern, speech changes with lingual braces are different and may last for more than a month. The degree of speech change will depend on the brand fitted by your orthodontist.

Speech therapy can help you correct lisping caused by lingual braces, but your mouth will gradually get used to the lingual braces, and your speech will become normal.

Are lingual braces more uncomfortable?

Straightening the teeth with braces comes with some discomfort. Some people may only experience a dull ache, which OTC pain medications can relieve. While experiencing the pain, you may want to stick to a soft diet containing yoghurt and rice.

Your braces may cause pain when the brackets touch the soft tissues in your mouth, and lingual braces usually cause pain on the tongue.

Some lingual braces patients experience more discomfort, but you can reduce the risk of discomfort by asking your orthodontist for smaller and smoother lingual braces brackets. Customised lingual braces tend to cause less discomfort because they fit better.

You can apply topical pain relief to an irritated spot to relieve you temporarily. Placing dental wax on sharp edges can also reduce discomfort. Ensure you contact your orthodontist if the wires become loose or scratch any part of your mouth.

Advantages of lingual braces

  • Lingual braces can correct most bite issues
  • They are less visible
  • You can customise your lingual braces to increase efficiency and reduce discomfort


  • Lingual braces cause temporary lisping
  • They are more expensive than other braces
  • They cause significant discomfort, especially during the initial treatment time
  • Treatment may last longer than traditional braces


You will find us at:

54 The Quadrant, St Albans, AL4 9RD


Lingual braces offer a more discreet treatment compared to traditional braces. They work like metal braces and can correct different orthodontic issues. However, they may take a longer time and cost more.

Your orthodontist has to examine your oral health and dental issues before you can get lingual braces. If you need a dentist St Albans to examine your teeth before lingual braces treatment, visit St Albans Dental Care.

Our dentist will perform a thorough dental check and x-rays to recommend a suitable orthodontic treatment for you, depending on your dental condition.